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Class of 2014

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5th Grade Parents!

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Yearbook Ads!

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5th Grade Video!

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Don't forget to check the calendar below to keep up to date on upcoming events!

Today: 4/23/14
7:00 PM Spring Recess

The Locker

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Going Green!

  65,000 Sheets of Paper Saved On the Wednesday Packets!

(That's Over 130 Reams of Paper!)

Since January 15, 2014!

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Thanks For "Going Green By Going Online"




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Clothing Order

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Camp Fire

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April 21-25

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The Newest Parent Bulletin and

Parent Events: 04/28/14

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Emerson Foundation Update: Wednesday Packet: 04/09/14

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Wednesday Packet: 04/09/14

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PTA Honary Service Award: Page 1 of 2 Wed. Pack. 04/09/14

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PTA Honary Service Award: Page 2 of 2 Wed. Pack. 04/09/14

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A Note From the Health Dept. Regarding Whooping Cough
Please see the attached information from the City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services regarding whooping cough.  Additional information on required immunizations for students is available . Continue
Posted by: Public Information Office
Published: 4/9/14

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Science Fair!

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Smarter Balanced Testing Schedule: Grade 3, 4 & 5

It's Hammer Time!


We are looking for some parents to do some carpentry repairs (library chairs, table games). If you are handy with a hammer and have time to assist us, please call Karen in the office.

Ralph Waldo Emerson's Biography



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Wednesday Packet Archive Shortcut!

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Long Beach Rescue Mission Letter:

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Emerson: Enthusiasm, Enrichment, Excellence

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Common Core Practice Tests!

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Common Core: SBAC Lesson & Resource

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Technology Practice Skills For SBAC Grades 3-5

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PTA Message: Wed. Packet 2/26/14

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Wed. Packet 03/26/14

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Wed. Packet: 03/26/14

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Teacher of the Year Award: Wed. Packet: 03/26/14

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Recyle Tuesdays!

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Wednesday Packet Week of: 1/29/14: PTA Join Now! Form

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Emerson School Clothing: Wed. Packet 3/12/14

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Wed Packet: 03/31/14 Cheer!

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School District News

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