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Baldridge In Education

Baldrige in Education is a model of continuous improvement named after the late Secretary of Commerce, Malcolm Baldrige. Mr. Baldrige was a proponent of quality management and drafted early criteria for a framework used as a target for success. Emerson's teachers have been trained in the Baldrige model and use many of the criteria and core values in their classroom instruction. Many of the resources on the parent page of the Emerson website are from the Baldrige in Education model.

The seven Criteria consist of:

1.0 Leadership
2.0 Strategic Planning
3.0 Student, Stakeholder, and Market Focus
4.0 Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
5.0 Faculty and Staff Focus
6.0 Process Management
7.0 Performance Results

The eleven Core Values consist of:

  1. Managing for Innovation
  2. Systems Perspective
  3. Visionary Leadership
  4. Learning Centered Education; 
  5. Management by Fact
  6. Public Responsibility and Citizenship 
  7. Organizational and Personal Learning
  8. Focus on Results and Creating Value
  9. Agility
  10. Valuing Faculty, Staff, and Partners
  11. Focus on the Future.

When the criteria and core values are working together, a high performing system exists.