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Art & Music

The Getty Museum
Great art lesson plans and curriculum ideas. Also shows images, galleries, and exhibitions. Grades 3-12. 

Museum of Web Art 
Fun ways to play with art and stories about Lizzie in how to deal with problems.

National Gallery of Art for Kids 
Adventures with art and activities for kids.

San Francisco Symphony 
Grades 4th - 6th. Provided by the San Francisco Symphony. Teaches children about instruments, music and the elements needed to make music, and the symphony.

Art & Music, Social Studies, and Health

Social Studies

America's Story 
Brings back America’s history and patriotism. Both teachers and students can use this site to travel back into history and remember our past. Grades 5-8.

Ben's Guide to Goverment 
Great guide to learning about the government. Grades K-12.

Enchanted Learning 
Great resources and activities for primary teachers and students. It offers bilingual dictionaries, interactive stories, coloring activities and more. Grades K-5.

Fact Monster 
Need facts about social studies? Check out the Fact Monster.

First Government for Kids
An interactive web page designed by the U.S. Government, where students can learn about such topics as geography, history, and animals. 

This site is full of educational games for kids. It is a great place for kids to learn and have fun at the same time. Grades K-8.

Internet Field Trips 
Scholastic website with links to specific topics in reading/language arts, science, social studies, math and K-2. Grades K-5

The Kids Newsroom
A kid-friendly online newsroom where students can read about weekly news reports in the U.S. and around the world. Students can learn about current events. Grades 3-8. 

Library of Congress 
Primary Resources and American History documents. Grades 1-12.

National Geographics for Kids 
Entertain children while educating and exciting them about their world. Grades 3-8.

Peace Corps 
Educational program that seeks to engage U.S. Students in an inquiry about the world, themselves, and others. Grades 3-5.

Smithsonian Museum 
Shows students exhibits at the Smithsonian Museum and provides games and activities. Grades 1-6. 

TIME for Kids 
Includes lesson plans, current events, interactive games, quizzes and puzzles. Grades K-6.

US Mint 
Provides information on coins, games and history.

US Presidents 
Examinations of the Presidents who guided (or misguided) Americans through forces and conflicts in the form of plays. Grades 4-Adult. Videos are purchased separately.

Virtual Tours
Great selection of cities or places for students to visit. Learners can view the wonderful pictures of people, landscapes, buildings and wildlife of various countries around the world. Grades K-12.

White House for Kids
Fun way to learn about the White House.


Cooking with Kids 
Recipes, tips, jokes and fun cooking ideas.

Dental Health
Learn how to take care of your teeth. Grades K-3.

Healthy Choices for Food
Find out how to eat a variety of foods, have an active lifestyle and eat healthy snacks.

Kid's Health 
Students can type in a topic and find answers to health related questions. Grades 3-5.

Mission is Possible 
Challenges students about current health statistics. Grades 1-3. 

Nutrition Exploration 
Information about nutrition, recipes, and games so that children learn more about being healthy. Grades K-6.

PE Central
Contains sections to find research, lesson plans, activities and types of assessments for PE activities.

Sparky the Fire Dog teaches students about fire and life safety. Grades 1-3.